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Alert: New Gas Pump Entry Method by Thieves

Alert: New Gas Pump Entry Method by Thieves

Texas FCIC (Financial Crimes Intelligence Center) received information from Oklahoma City PD Criminal Intelligence Unit showing a new suspect entry method to place gas skimmer on a motor fuel dispenser. 

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: Suspect Entry Method Into Gilbarco-500

Recent intelligence from Oklahoma City, OK, PD Criminal Intelligence Unit, revealed a new method of entry into upper cabinet of motor fuel dispenser. Perpetrators cut an access hole into the upper cabinet of the pump for direct access. The suspects used this method to avoid pump alarms and installed skimmers directly onto the card reader.

The entry point is “poorly" disguised; however, officer and fuel industry partners should be aware perpetrators are creative in their concealment methods. 

For further assistance or any identification of similar tampering, please contact: 

Texas Financial Crimes Intelligence Center 
(TX FCIC), Sr. Investigator Jeff Roberts, E-Mail:
Office Phone (903) 590-7625
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