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Amazon Lockers at C-Stores Draw in Customers

Amazon Lockers at C-Stores Draw in Customers

More retailers are installing the package retrieval system in their stores. 

December 02, 2020

FRESNO, Calif.—For George Beal, owner of a few Johnny Quik Food Stores, having Amazon Lockers seemed a no-brainer. “I think the neighborhood appreciates it, and I think the neighborhood really welcomed us when we opened,” Beal told the Business Journal. “The lockers are a convenience to the neighborhood.”

In addition to Amazon Locker, the company has several package delivery models, such as Locker +, which is staffed; Counter, which offers pickups and returns; and Apartment Locker for residential buildings. “We get a lot of positive feedback from the neighborhood, and you can tell that because they’re very appreciative. You’re getting a cross-section from people that stop at that facility,” Beal said.

Other convenience stores have recently added Amazon Lockers, too. Quic Shop Manager Bob Smith said the process was relatively painless, given that Amazon itself initiated the installation and provided security cameras for surveilling the lockers. “The only thing it needs me for is just power,” Smith said, adding that already he’s seen an uptick in traffic because of the lockers.

Miguel Arias, Fresno City Council president, strongly recommended retailers have lockers inside their stores. “It’s normally not safe to operate them outside,” Arias said. “We’ve had zero vandalisms and issues with the ones that are in interior businesses. … They can be a benefit to the neighborhood if they’re secure.”

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