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Dallas Tightens Security Rules for Convenience Stores

Dallas Tightens Security Rules for Convenience Stores

Gas stations must have three security cameras, exterior lighting and ATMs secured to the floor.

May 28, 2021

DALLAS –The Dallas City Council approved an ordinance that mandates how many cameras—and their placement—convenience retailers must have, among other security measures, NBCDFW reports. Store owners who violate the new measure could incur a maximum fine of $500.

On Wednesday, the council voted on the security updates designed to curb crime at the more than 750 convenience stores within Dallas city limits. The new measure requires convenience retailers to install a minimum of three security cameras—one aimed at the cash register(s), one that captures the faces of each customer entering the store, and one that grabs the faces of each customer exiting the store. Other mandatory upgrades include exterior lighting and placing ATMs at least 12 feet back from doors and windows, as well as securing the ATM to the floor.

“It’s been challenging to make sure that we have the oversight that’s needed,” said City Council member Jennifer Gates, the Dallas Observer reports. “Amending the ordinance so that code can have the authority to address some of these recurring issues will really improve the quality of life for the residents.”

This amendment, which updates a 2008 ordinance intended to lower violent crime, also provides the authority for code compliance officers to enforce it. The 2008 law required c-stores to have two cameras that had the ability to capture clear-enough faces. The amendment adds another camera, while also mandating better quality video footage.

In September, the Dallas Police Department expanded its Starlight crime-fighting programto four more convenience stores. The program uses cameras and software to prevent crimes at convenience stores, gas stations and other retail outlets.

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