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How and When to Enter EV Market

How and When to Enter EV Market

New Fuels Institute report examines regulations that could affect electric vehicle charging growth.

April 26, 2021


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to grow and charging expands in North America, the Fuels Institute’s Electric Vehicle Council is providing guidance for companies to evaluate how, when and why to enter the market.

The “EV Market Regulatory Report” is designed to aid in the decision-making and strategic planning process by exploring regulations that could affect installation of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE). The report also helps policymakers identify and implement appropriate regulatory provisions.

As each state and region adopts its own EV charging infrastructure programs, incentives and regulations, retailers are tasked with evaluating their future and ROI on EVSE investments. The Electric Vehicle Council reviewed regulations in 50 U.S. states, three Canadian provinces and 100 metropolitan statistical areas to help stakeholders navigate the complex web of diverse regulatory requirements.

“The growth of any market requires regulatory certainty and clarity,” said Fuels Institute Executive Director John Eichberger. “Our report takes an objective view of the current regulatory structure surrounding EVSE deployment and operations to help stakeholders and policymakers better understand the requirements business leaders must accommodate to enter the EV charging market. This view will hopefully yield a more coordinated and efficient regulatory environment that benefits businesses and achieves public policy objectives.”

The report analyzes various public charging policies that govern EVSE installation and groups them into five archetypes that range from states with light-duty zero-emissions vehicle mandates to states with no policies. The report also looks at cities and counties with ordinances or other regulations governing EVSE installation.

Governments are exploring ways to facilitate EV charging. Some of these issues include managed charging, interoperability (both consumer-facing and systems management interoperability) and open access and payment. Addressing these issues is paramount for public charging companies and site hosts that want to provide a seamless, efficient experience for customers.

“Electric Vehicle Council brings together individuals and organizations with experience and interest in the EVSE market,” Eichberger explained. “The experience this group brings to our process ensures that this report is a must-read for anyone interested in EVSE deployment.”

Download the EV Market Regulatory Report.

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