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Innovative Fuel Brokerage Firm Adds New Product

Innovative Fuel Brokerage Firm Adds New Product

ABILENE, TX – Abilene-based Fuel Masters, LLC announces a launch of a new product line for those with diesel engines.

Effective immediately, Fuel Masters is introducing ‘Simple DEF’; full-service diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to meet the diesel needs of the industry.

In an effort to make diesel engines viable for the future, DEF was mandated by the environmental protection agency.  In ‘simple’ terms, DEF is an emissions control fluid used to reduce the amount of air pollution created by a diesel engine.  DEF is sprayed into the exhaust stream of diesel vehicles in order to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.

What sets Simple DEF apart from others in the marketplace are the characteristics the customers know and expect from Fuel Masters.  With their improved technology, coupled with the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all fuel needs, Simple DEF will exceed expectations.

“To introduce a new product offering during these troubled times is both thrilling and stressful,” explains John Landers, president of Fuel Masters.  “The demands of the markets are clear for the growing needs for a solid DEF product.”

Whether customers require gallons, truckloads, storage tanks, pumps, or a temperature-controlled environment — Simple DEF will match the marketplace’s requirements including accurate and timely delivery.

“Our customers and prospects will welcome Simple DEF to the line of products and services already offered by Fuel Masters; this is a natural fit,” states Landers.

Fuel Masters is also now capable of bulk storage with dispensers making fuel ready-to-go in select markets – minimizing wait times for customers who have been accustomed to waiting days for needed fuel.  Another respected customer solution for Fuel Masters includes ‘fixed forward pricing.’  Rare in the fuel industry, ‘fixed forward pricing’ allows the customer to lock-in fuel pricing at today’s rates for up to two years.  Similar ‘fixed forward pricing’ offerings by competitors are typically only a one-year lock.

“With the bulk storage we can provide fuel when the customer needs it; the customer will no longer be waiting for delivery in a few days – this is like ‘on-call’ fuel,” boasts Landers.
“Simple DEF, bulk storage, coupled with the ‘fixed forward pricing,’ makes our company’s advantage stronger than most of our competitors.”

ABOUT Fuel Masters, LLC:  Serving customers over most of the continental United States and parts of Mexico, Fuel Masters has established a massive supply system for petroleum products.  This system is controlled by a sophisticated computer enhanced pricing and bid system, developed by Fuel Masters; offering product supply sources to the clients based on the best available delivered price from local supply points.  Fuel Masters offers the most product supply sources at the largest number of terminal loading facilities of any independent supplier in the United States.
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