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Shell Waves Carrot, Stick to Make EMV Happen

Shell Waves Carrot, Stick to Make EMV Happen

Shell told OPIS that more than a third of its branded stations -- over 5,000
sites -- currently accept chip payment cards at the gas islands, and it has put
in place incentives and penalties to make that a network-wide standard.

The major said it has warned branded wholesalers that outdoor EMV will be a
brand standard effective March 25, 2021, and noncompliant stations may face

In addition, stations that fail to comply with the Europay Mastercard Visa
technology for chip cards at the pump by mid-April 2021 -- the deadline set by
major payment card networks -- will be liable for counterfeit card fraud, as
well as fraud due to lost or stolen cards.

However, Shell also is offering discounts of $3,000 on new Gilbarco and Wayne
dispensers and free upgrades to contactless NFC readers and in-dispenser media
components on orders placed by Oct. 1, 2020.

As previously reported, the company continues to provide wholesalers with
various EMV resources in addition to equipment incentives, such as free
point-of-purchase signage, online EMV deployment management tools, virtual EMV
workshops and a dedicated EMV support team.

"We are proud of our wholesalers' progress to date and their continued
investment in their Shell-branded stations," Shell said in a statement. "We
remain committed to supporting wholesalers as they continue to work towards
transitioning the remainder of their Shell sites to the EMV payment standard."

--Reporting by Donna Harris,; Editing by Michael Kelly,

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