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Support Private Sector Investment in EV Charging Infrastructure

Support Private Sector Investment in EV Charging Infrastructure

Ask Congress to support policies that foster a competitive market and level playing field in EV charging infrastructure.

June 23, 2021

U.S. Capitol Building

ALEXANDRIA, Va—Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are considering broad infrastructure legislation this month, with the House of Representatives beginning official floor action next week. H.R. 3684, the INVEST in America Act, includes some provisions to promote private sector investment and competition in the electric vehicle charging market, and NACS is working to improve the language, so it helps foster a competitive private market and level playing field.

It is essential that Congress hear from the convenience and fuel retailing industry about the important role our industry plays within the transportation sector today and the ways to develop policy to ensure customers can access the goods and services they expect.

This legislation will spend a significant amount of taxpayer dollars on building EV charging infrastructure. If appropriate guardrails are not placed on that funding, electric utilities will be able to access those taxpayer-funded programs, while also raising everyone’s electricity bills to pay for EV charging equipment. This creates an unlevel playing field for retailers and makes investment in charging equipment less attractive to the private sector.

Congress needs to hear directly from you on why our industry is best equipped to own and operate charging stations. Please contact your members of Congress today through NACS’s grassroots portal to advocate for the industry’s interests in infrastructure legislation.

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