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Freedom Electronics

Freedom Electronics


POS Systems Petroleum Equipment/Services Leak Detection/Monitoring Imaging/Branding Displays for Gas Pumps Dispensers/Nozzles Fueling Equipment & Services Fuel Dispenser Security EV Charging Fuel Pricing/Information Services Tank Monitoring



Freedom Electronics and Esco (a Freedom Electronics Company) provide quality remanufactured and new products to support the Retail Petroleum Market and independent station owners. We offer remanufactured and new fuel dispenser products (circuit boards, printers, displays, card readers, pin pads) POS, tank monitors, probes, EMV solutions, Esco intercoms, and power banks plus our Freedom-engineered, innovative line of products designed to reduce inventory. With 4 locations (GA, FL, MI, and CO) our products are in stock and ready to ship.

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Mag and Mag Plus Float Kits, C18 keyboards, Remanufactured Veeder probes, POS printers, Freedom Engineered products to reduce inventory

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Ryan Black
VP Product Management

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